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Tenk88 Ab-K founded in 2007 after the clan was canceled and the March 10, 2011 re-established from the first member zolo310 big411 has invited his friends and we started to play among other members include the founder of the clan tenk88 wowol Uzumaki-Takeno-san and Mokuton Then came jonytenyska2 first clan too gfxer who helped and made ​​them better. Now the clan level 17 March 28, 2011 . We had a small hitch inactive. but then again we were rozjlei and we are in the 1000th .In June we got up to the first three hundredth Now we have a difficult time so hopefully it will improve .member added! ROCK! LEE! but at the same time we lost two best players which were Smolárik tipek440 and hopefully we will return history continues ..